Dumbbells, Kettlebells or Barbells: Find the Strength-Training Tool That's Right for You

The most common weights for home gyms are dumbbells and kettlebells. Both are ubiquitous at gyms, where you'll also find barbells. There are pros and cons to using each of these fitness tools. Here, w

Deadlift Grips: Overhand Vs. Hook Grip Vs. Mixed

What differentiates a good deadlift from a strong deadlift? A valid case could be made for a strong deadlift grip. In the deadlift, grip can be defined as a limiting factor. A limiting factor is somet

Two Drawbacks to Hook Grip

Like with anything in the world that’s great, the hook grip does come with a couple drawbacks.

Benefits of Hook Grip

Lock grip is also called a hook grip (Hook Grip), from the name you can probably imagine the look of the hook grip. Hook Grip requires the thumb to be in the palm of the hand, and the thumb should be

Why Everyone Should Try Using Hook Grip

The hook grip is a useful skill for every strength athlete to practice and it comes with multiple benefits. In this article, we’re going to cover how to hook grip.

How do you use the barbell bar

Summary 【 description 】 for sports keeping in good health care effect reducing weight, everybody is identity, in our life, there are a lot of fitness equipment can be used to exercise, but choose when exercise fitness equipment, must according to their own constitution and the actual situation to choose, barbell is one common fitness equipment, for the back and chest muscle exercise effect was very obvious.


There should be nothing on the platform except you and the bar-make sure the lifting area is free of obstructions such as extra bars, plates, or collars. If you miss a lift, any extra equipment can make it harder to safely escape the falling bar.

China's sporting goods industry is gradually recovering

At present, China's sporting goods industry is at the crossroads of its development, facing both formidable challenges and potential opportunities.

Basic weightlifting equipment

When it comes to exercise equipment, with the possible exception of the jump rope you really can’t get much more basic then the gear you need for weight lifting. The first body builders probably just used very big rocks! But seriously, one of the nice things about weight lifting is not only is it a great way to get in shape, and build strength and self confidence-it does not really require any real fancy or expensive equipment. Now you can join a gym and have access to all the weight lifting gear you can imagine, both free weights and machines. But you can also accomplish many of the benefits of weight lifting with a basic set of barbells, dumbbells, and a good home work out regimen. Dumbbells usually are the familiar one-piece bone-shaped hand weights. Barbells are usually used for the more advanced workouts and longer muscle groups. This is the long bar with adjustable weight by adding or subtracting weighted plates. Although you can purchase a dumbbell-sized bar, and effectively use plates to make a dumbbell, generally speaking Dumbbells are fixed weights. For basic weight lifting most pros recommend a 5-50lb Hex Dumbbell set. The hex refers to the shape of the weights- they are hexagonal rather than round, so they will not roll when you put them down. You walls and your toes will thank you. 5-50 lb Hex sets can be purchased for under 500 .00 complete with racks. As far as a barbell set goes it depends on how much weight you want to have available to you in terms of the Plates. And the nice thing about barbells is of course you can always purchase additional weight plates as you lift and increase your abilities Other accessories you may want to consider are a good pair of weight lifting gloves to protect your hands while lifting. Unless you have a back problem you already are aware of weight belts for additional support are usually not necessary for basic weight lifting workouts. In fact some trainers so they do more harm than good because they allow a lifter to lift more than they really are physically capable of, and cause certain muscles in the forearms and lower back to receive less of a work out and less of a benefit from your weight lift routine. Don’t forget that the basic physics of weight lifting is to apply force against muscle contraction to overcome the force of gravity- that same feat can be accomplished by lifting your body weight-and if you are really on a tight budget or pressed for space a simple chin-up bar can be installed in any doorway to get in some lifting and strength training

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